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L'estiu a Murtra

4 days, 3 processes

soft ground, spit bite and soap ground


4 days




 Summer Course

Summer course      

Del 6 al 9 de Juliol 2010

Professora Catherine Brooks 


Milena Rosés

Ajudants de taller

Jordi Rosés

Pilar Lloret


Catherine Brooks     Richmond, VA

Gravadora durant set anys del taller Crown Point Press 

Autora del llibre

Magical Secrets about Line Etching & Engraving, the Step-by-Step Art of Incised Lines

4 dies, 3 processos:

vernís tou,

aiguantinta al lavis

aiguatinta  amb venís blanc.

Idioma: Anglès amb interpret 

Master Printer, Catherine Brooks will be leading a 4 day advanced etching course at Murtra Edicions in Arenys de Munt. The course will commence with a slide show of works by artists Catherine has worked with in San Francisco and Paris. After the short introduction, Catherine will demonstrate the first of three processes to be presented in this weeklong etching intensive. Workshop participants will begin their images with soft ground etching. On the second day etched tones will be introduced with a spit bite aquatint demonstration. Soap ground aquatint will be instructed on the third day. Day 3 and 4 will be time for each participant to utilize the materials and explore new ways and processes. Throughout the week Catherine will be around the studio assisting participants as they develop their imagery and refine the way they use traditional materials.

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