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Exhibition Proposal

“Transmigrations” is a collaboration between 2 printmakers, Joyce Majiski and Jordi Roses. The work will consist of a series of large scale monoprints, approximately 10 feet x 3 feet (on paper) that will commence in Canada and make the journey to Catalonia (Spain) and back until they are complete.

The process of the work will be intuitive, one artist responding to the manipulations of the other until the works are completed. As this process unfolds, the final number and orientation of the prints will be determined.

Transmigrations addresses ideas around freedom of movement across geopolitical boundaries in this age of globalization, navigation and human interference and impact on the natural world.  Using bird imagery and avian migrations as the departure point, the artists will explore these themes through discussions and visual interventions. Each artist brings individual and unique points of view to the project which will add to the rich visual tapestry of image and text.


Jordi Roses, Pilar Lloret and Joyce Majiski first met in 1990  at the Centre International de Recerca Graphica in Calella, Spain. Jordi and Pilar were the studio managers during Joyce’s residency there. In addition to a passion for printmaking, our work was connected by a shared interest in natural environments and science. Jordi and I address a sense of place as well as a curiosity about the intersections between the world of nature and the world of humans.

The idea for Transmigration's arose following a recent reconnection with Jordi and Pilar, visiting their new studio in Arenys de Munt, Spain, and seeing his work. We were both keen to try a collaboration  based on our conversations around the themes of movement and migration.

Joyce lives and works in the Yukon Territory in northern Canada and is trained as a biologist. She operated a wilderness guiding business for 15 years. Jordi owns and operates Murtra Edicions in Arenys de Munt with his wife Pilar. They are Master printers.

Work Plan

The etching plates are being created by Joyce in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and shipped to Vancouver to be printed due to their size (8 feet x 3 feet). These etchings are cut out bird forms which will be manipulated into sculptures after being printed for another project in Whitehorse.

In Spain, Jordi will create a series of etchings or interventions to augment this form thereby adding the next layer, and so on.

At this time we plan to work individually in our home countries with the work making the migration back and forth. However we are hoping to secure funds for travel, so joyce can work in Spain with Jordi and then Jordi can attend the opening in Dawson City in September 2006.

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