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Find below a form to be filled in with your basic personal data and the shopping data.

Fill in all the fields and click on ‘Send Form’. We will send you an e-mail as soon as possible confirming your order as well as a pre-invoice with the total amount including cost, packing, shipping and taxes. As soon as we receive your confirmation and the payment details, we will send your purchase. 


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Shipping to:  (to fill in only in the event of being different to personal data) 

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2 Shipping Options                                                               

                                   To pick up  in the head office of  Murtra Edicions

                                   Standard shipping by U P S

Shipping costs

One will have to add the corresponding expenses according to the destination


3 Method of Payment                                                          

Bank transfer, You can order your bank to send money to our bank account. -If you choose this option, we will send you the number of our account. 

                                    International Money Order

4 Observations                                                                                  

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